January 19, 2018

2018 and Resolutions that matter


We all seem to be making resolutions for the new year – it makes us feel like we are moving forward after reflecting on the year that’s been. Have a picture in your mind of how you imagine your life in 2018 to be and then by making resolutions you can move towards that reality.

But how do we make sure that we are successful in keeping our resolutions so that we are not setting ourselves up for failure?

  • Keep them simple

You can’t overhaul your whole life at once. Choose simply.

I want to be kinder to South Africa in 2018 through my consumer choices.

  • Be realistic and specific

Set attainable goals, even if it seems too easy at first – start easy, build your confidence. Complexity comes later.

Instead of saying: ‘I will only buy SA produced food’  – rather ‘I will only buy SA produced fruit’.  We are so time constrained, and if pressured we choose the easiest way out. So it must not be too difficult to maintain.

  • Plan a time frame: we need a start and an end for every goal. Without the time frame we cannot measure our success.

‘For 3 months I plan to only buy South African produced products and I can re-assess in April. ‘

  • Do it in small bits : Life is a process. If you overdo it you may become fatigued with the idea and want to ‘latch on’ to something else because you’ve done too much

Month 1: I will buy only SA produced fruit.

Month 2: only SA produced clothing,

Month 3: only SA produced homeware/ decor

  • Receive support: find one or 2 of your close friends who have similar beliefs to commit to the same resolutions. This way you can feed off each other and support one another through commitment to the same goal

Good thoughts turn into good actions which turn into a good day into a good year into a good life.


If you are resolving to be kinder to the earth, kinder to South Africa, and kinder to your feet, then mohair is a great way to start .Here are some of our best sellers and favourite starters . . .




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