April 6, 2015

6 reasons why you should wear Medisocks

Our medi-socks are specifically designed for diabetics but are worn by others too! Why? Read our 6 features and benefits below.

Mohair Medi-Socks

  1. Blister resistant: The smooth cuticle structure of the mohair fibre used in medisocks results in a smooth surface, reducing chafing and blisters.
  2. Graduated compression leg: No ‘elastic bite’ at the top of the sock, which, together with the natural elasticity of the mohair fibre, provides graduated compression over the foot and calf.
  3. Flat toe seam: The low profile of Medisocks provides for a smooth, chafe free toe area.
  4. Moisture management: Mohair’s natural wickability and capillary capability results in moisture being easily absorbed and perspiration being wicked away from the foot, keeping it dry, comfortable and fresh.
  5. Anti-bacterial and odour resistant: Medisocks incorporate bamboo fibre that has a natural anti-bacteria deodorising agent called bamboo Kun that keeps the foot feeling fresh, unlike chemical agents that can cause skin allergies.
  6. Thermally balanced: Medisocks are made from natural fibres, which keep the foot cool and comfortable in hot temperatures, and warm and snug in cold conditions.

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