April 17, 2019

A little foot meditation and some minutes for your mind



When last did you earth yourself? Take yourself away from your screen, take your shoes off, and walk in mud ? Squelchy squerchy mud? Let it squelch between your toes like little worms? Then take a walk on the wild side through some crunchy autumn winter leaves, along a rough fallen log and onto delicate wet grass from the rain. Then going full circle – plunging your feet into a basin of warm water with a few drops of olive oil and tea tree oil. Sit and let them soak, noticing the warmth on each toe, sole of your foot and into your heel and ankle. Wiggle your toes, point them, flex your feet and put your weight onto your foot again and go up onto your ball of your foot.

Now take your feet out onto a soft fluffy terry towel, drying in between each toe.

Slide your feet into a pair of Free range ribbed mohair socks (our favourite bed socks) or terry cushioned Medisocks, for the ultimate toe snuggle and feet time out (And for an extra ultra indulgence – slide your mohair socked feet into a pair of sheepskin slippers)  – that’s what winter is all about. Hasn’t it felt good to take some time out to earth yourself – to reconnect and ground yourself. (and forgetting about those deadlines and people and screens).



Ref: jakob-owens-1159617-unsplash; 


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