May 11, 2016

Autumn Inspiration before winter hibernation

We can’t help but feel inspired by autumn. Reaping the harvests of the summer and bottling and pickling excess fruit and vegetables, to store for the winter. (or at least, that’s what we would have done in years gone by.)

Makes one think back to the simple old days where nothing was wasted – it was no throw-away society.

chickens house optimum gardencountry riding 123 Inspiration

If you’ve missed the boat with the bottling of fruit, don’t despair. You can still live your life more simply – by being more mindful of the throw-away culture and doing little things to tread more lightly on the earth.

And what better way than to invest in natural fibres, not the synthetic fibres that do not breathe and are flammable.  So, with misty mornings, sunny days and chilly nights, we’re pulling out our winter boxes! Sheepskin slippers replace our night-time bare feet, mohair throws make their way to the couch next to the fire place, and our beds get their winter dressing of blankets and winter linen. We’ve found some inspiration from Autumn in the Karoo to get our homes ready for our little hibernation inside – see our bottled pears, farmhouse kitchen and of course our favourite autumn shades for our snuggly cape mohair blankies. Almost ready for winter!

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                      Photo credits: / optimum garden / 123 Inspiration / Cape Mohair / / house & Leisure

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