Keep your toes warm this winter!

Winter is here and the mornings are getting frosty and the evenings have a distinct chill. Thick coats and chunky jerseys will keep your body warm, but with the dark and cold descending, keeping our extremities warm becomes more of a challenge! A good pair of gloves are a stylish […]

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Stylish men wear Mohair

Did you know that the mohair yarn is universally considered a style statement in men’s fashion? Mohair is the favoured yarn for many fashion designers because the fibre is super soft, durable, absorbent and lightweight, making it perfect for those statement pieces, from scarves and socks to stylish three-piece suits.

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Early Christmas FLASH SALE

Our little elves are getting things in order, making room for some freshly made socks so we’re giving our loyal followers a flash sale of socks and a few blankets. See featured items on newsletter and look out for the SALE items on the website. Here are a few below. […]

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Your dad and his socks

Old School Blotto dotty socks by Cape Mohair

What do your dad’s socks say about him? Are they thin, threadbare, maybe smelly (!). Maybe his socks are full of holes or he wears odd socks? Are they bright and fun, does he like to show them off? Maybe he doesn’t like to stick out too much. He is […]

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