November 16, 2017

Get your MOustache Socks ON for Men’s Health Month

We’re selling our MOsocks to help ‘More Balls than Most’ drive their awareness this Men’s Health Month –  read below to find out more about Testicular Cancer. They’re doing great work by providing mobile vans in Gauteng and Cape Town, educating and screening for prostate and testicular cancer.

Proceeds go to MBTM for every pair of  MOsocks sold by us (and made by The Old School Sock Co)

QUICK: Get them here :

Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is the most common malignancy of males aged 15 – 35 years.
• The incidence of testicular cancer is on the increase.
• Most testicular cancers present with a painless lump in the scrotum.
• Testicular cancer spreads to the lymph glands around the aorta.
• More than 90% of all patients with testicular cancer are cured from their disease.
• The treatment of testicular cancer can lead to infertility.
• A small subgroup of patients do badly despite intensive treatment.
• Testicular cancer can be completely asymptomatic in its early stage. Most testicular tumors present with a painless lump or swelling of the testis, noted by the patient or his sexual partner. 30-40% of patients complain of a dull ache or heaviness in the scrotum or lower abdomen. Acute pain is the presenting symptom in ±10% of patients.
• Approximately 10% of patients present with symptoms or signs due to the spread of tumor to organs outside of the testes. Spread to the lymph glands can present with a mass in the abdomen or the neck. Large glands in the abdomen can cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite. Lung metastases lead to shortness of breath and cough. Bone involvement causes bone pain.


MOustache socks reloaded are a newer version of our original style.

These Old School Sock Co socks are made with Mohair and bamboo as before, but are slim fitting on the leg, with mohair on the heel and toe.

They are THE socks to wear in November – for Mens Health awareness month (especially if you are not a MOustache kind of guy) – these make a statement AND you still get kisses from your lady!

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