December 11, 2017

Into the Blue with #SecretsantaZA

We don’t know how you feel but one look at the parking at the local shopping malls makes us spin around and head for the hills.
We believe in spending quality time with our family (and our goats). We also believe in buying local and living consciously. That means thinking about what went into the product and who made it. It is what keeps us going and gives us purpose in life.

We also love partnering with other like minded companies, like Airloom, who believe in the same things.


So to spread the love and to introduce you to some incredible locally made products, The Mohair Mill shop and Airloom are doing a fab giveaway with prizes up to value of R4 000. We want you to buy less but buy Locally made QUALITY.

Why not pick one name this Xmas instead of buying for the whole family – our take on #Secretsanta
All you have to do is:

  1. Browse through The Mohair Mill Shop and Airloom for an item that you love.
  2. Found what you’d love for Christmas? Simply share the item on Facebook and tag your family to let them know what’s on your Christmas List (be sure to use the hashtag #secretsantaza)
  3. Click here for your chance to win your perfect gift. Get up to 3 additional entries across all your social platforms!

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