June 15, 2017

Keep your toes warm this winter!

Winter is here and the mornings are getting frosty and the evenings have a distinct chill. Thick coats and chunky jerseys will keep your body warm, but with the dark and cold descending, keeping our extremities warm becomes more of a challenge! A good pair of gloves are a stylish and practical way to keep your hands toasty, but cold toes are something everyone wants to avoid!

Here are some tips for choosing the best socks to keep you warm on chilly winter days:


Say no to cotton socks!

Those in the know all agree – cotton socks are not suitable for keeping your feet warm when outdoors! Feet sweat a lot when doing outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, horse-riding, climbing or trekking around the farm. Cotton socks absorb this moisture and keep it next to your skin, creating a film of water on your feet. When this cools it can leave your feet wet, cold and uncomfortable.  Not only that, wet cotton socks are also more prone to causing friction and blisters which can put a serious dampener on your day!


Mohair and merino are best

The natural fibres of mohair and merino wool are super absorbent and insulating, ideal to keep your feet warm and comfortable throughout winter. Mohair and merino fibres are hydrophobic and hydroscopic meaning that they can both repel and absorb water at the same time. They are able to help manage foot moisture as they pull water vapor away from the skin. This means that your feet sweat less as the vapours can evaporate into the air instead. Unlike normal sheep’s wool, mohair and merino fibres are also itch-free, thermostatic (temperature-regulating) and offer superior moisture management.


Not too tight!

People often make the mistake of wearing the thickest socks possible, thinking that they will keep their feet warmer. But socks that are too thick can create pressure on the foot and cut off circulation to your toes. It is ideal to always try your socks with your shoes (especially for hiking and outdoor activities) to test that your feet have enough ‘wiggle room’. Remember you should always be able to wiggle your toes freely even while wearing your socks and shoes! Our mohair Medisocks are designed specifically for diabetics and for people with circulatory problems, as there is no tight band at the top of the sock, so there is no ‘elastic bite’.


Get the right socks for the job:

Choose your socks appropriately for the type of activity you are going to be doing. At the Mohair Mill Shop we have a range of speciality socks designed for all sorts of adventure activities and outdoor wear. (And some super-comfy indoor ones too.)

Here are some of our most popular outdoor socks for battling cold winter weather:

Xtreme Mohair Socks – With an 84% mohair and wool blend, these cushioned boot socks have an elasticated support band across the arch of the foot for support inside boots. Ideal for colder weather hiking and trekking!

MHR Snowsport Mens Ski Socks – These premium mohair terry cushioned socks are blended with supersoft bamboo for positioning control at the top of sock. Providing maximum absorption and insulation, these are the only socks for snow skiing and snowboarding.

Thermal Hiker Boot Socks Made with South African merino wool, these socks are ideal for insulating in zero temperature adventures. The king of the mountain for comfort and warmth, these socks have terry cushioning throughout and an elasticated band at the top to prevent slippage into boot.

Safari Mohair Socks – These traditional safari mohair socks are a 40% mohair and 40% merino wool blend to allow for maximum breathability and comfort. They also have terry cushioning on the foot area for extra support, making them the ideal safari, farming or walking socks!

Boot Mohair Socks – These boot socks are made using 40% mohair and 40% merino wool blend with hard wearing terry padding underfoot. These mohair socks are hardwearing and hardworking. Ideal for farmers, hikers and all boot wearers!

Wool Wellies Socks – These socks have terry cushioning in the foot and up the leg to ensure an increased surface area of insulating merino wool. The elasticated band at the top of the sock ensures a good fit, and prevents slippage down into the wellie. These ultra-comfy mid-calf socks are ideal for Wellies, boots and horse riding boots.


You can see the full range of socks we have available in our online store.

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