Our People

Hester Klein and Catharina Kam

These two sisters, who both hail from the Eastern Cape and now live at the Crags, proudly run the Mill Craft workshop.

Both ladies were previously involved in ‘Women on the Move’ craft centre and moved to The Mill centre when this project dissolved.

Hester is a fabric painter as well as seamstress, and produces beautiful hand painted tablecloths and other items.

Catharina, who was taught to use the hand weaving loom on arriving at the Crags, has mastered the technique in making authentic mats from cotton and mohair offcuts – thus reducing waste from other processes.

Other crafters have the opportunity to sell their products from the centre, and include crochet work and wattle basket weaving.

The Mill centre is so proud to have these women as part of the Mill family.

Nelson Stuurman

Nelson always has a helping hand with handywork around the Mill centre. Nelson, also local to the Crags, worked as an electrician before being offered a job at the Mill centre.

He is someone that we cannot do without, always on the spot and ready to help the girls in need.

Deborah Gwa

Deborah, who grew up in the Crags, has been involved in the mohair blanket factory from the beginning. After matriculating and studying at PE Technikon, she returned to work in the factory and managed the factory shop. When the factory relocated to Uitenhaige, she moved as well, but returned shortly afterwards to the Crags as she was missing her home too much!

She now manages the Mill shop and is the ever-eager face in the shop, showing kids the goats and explaining with such enthusiasm how she loves her socks and her shop!

Amalia Korkee

Amalia grew up in the Eastern Cape and has also been involved in working in the mohair blanket factory since 2003. Another steal from the mohair blanket factory when it relocated, Amalia started working in the Mohair Mill Shop when the new centre opened in 2007.

She currently lives with her family in Kurland Village assisting Deborah in the management of the Mohair Mill Shop. Amalia always has a smile on her face and always pleased to assist.

Alicia Kruger

Alicia, a Crags local and ex mohair factory blanket weaver, decided she missed the Crags too much, and returned to us after studying at the Agricultural college in George. She is the lively face within the shop, and lives with her family and little boy in the Kurland Village.