August 16, 2017

Stay under wraps this winter

The scarf is the undisputed hero piece for this season’s winter wardrobe, and the luxurious natural fibres of mohair products ensure durability, comfort and warmth, along with a classic look that never dates.


Locally made mohair is world-renowned, and it’s good to know that investing in a statement mohair scarf equals supporting sustainable fashion. Known as the ‘noble’ or ‘diamond’ fibre, mohair is a renewable natural resource that boasts the fine qualities of lustre, resilience and colour reflection.


Have, hold and wear your own


The Mohair Mill shop’s new range of warm winter neckwear – your latest wardrobe must-haves – are handcrafted by Adele’s Mohair, a rural business based in the Eastern Cape. The range includes extra-fine mohair scarves made from kid mohair, fluffy shawls and ponchinis in a range of colours that will enhance any ensemble while keeping you warm, cosy and elegantly in style!


Extra-fine mohair scarf 


Available is subtle neutrals – black, fawn, light blue and natural – these classic, extra-fine scarves can be worn draped over the shoulders for simple effect, or knotted in a variety of ways to add interest and flair. And don’t be shy to double up on accessories by using a classic brooch to secure your scarf to the side. The tassels will add a lively touch to any look you choose.

Fluffy shawls


Thick, fluffy and tasselled for the ultimate in insulation, these rectangular shawls can be styled in a variety of ways: simple chic involves draping it loosely over the shoulders like a shawl (you can opt to secure it with a belt around the waist too); fold it lengthways and tuck it under the lapel of your coat or jacket; devise an infinity scarf that you can wrap around your neck multiple times; the half-knot is always popular; or style into the half-bandit that allows a corner of the scarf to be the focus. Add some flair by securing your scarf with a classic brooch – this works well, if you’re simply draping one end over your shoulder.

Watch this video to see some more creative ways to style your shawl:




A cousin of the beloved – and supremely cosy – poncho, the ponchini, with its asymmetrical, slim-fitting shape and corduroy ribbed pattern is like wearing a permanent hug. Perfect over a polo neck or V-neck sweater, dress it up with a long skirt and boots, or down with denims and sneakers. And don’t forget a long statement neckpiece as a finishing touch. Available in black, blue, chocolate brown and cream.


Mohair Scarves 


For a classic look get one our mohair scarves which are woven on the same looms as our brushed mohair blankets. The brushed mohair design is woven with superlight cape mohair and wool and are delightfully insulating and warm. Tied with a knot or wrapped around, our scarves add luxury to any winter look!


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