April 11, 2017

Stylish men wear Mohair

Did you know that the mohair yarn is universally considered a style statement in men’s fashion?

Mohair is the favoured yarn for many fashion designers because the fibre is super soft, durable, absorbent and lightweight, making it perfect for those statement pieces, from scarves and socks to stylish three-piece suits.

It is often called the ‘diamond thread’ because the mohair strands can reflect the light, making it a highly desirable fibre for formal suits. In fact, many men’s dress suits and wedding suits will have mohair in the fabric blend. When it comes to the perfect suit nothing beats mohair for its feel or its look. And, because of the superior quality of the yarn, mohair blends have an unbeatable richness of tone that make them stand out, even in a well-dressed crowd!

But it’s not every day that you need a formal suit for a fancy occasion, so it’s good to know that mohair style is not only for suits.

We all know that for most guys having a strong sock game is another way of separating the men from the boys, and having the right socks in your wardrobe is a must. Statement socks can add a quirky, offbeat look to any office attire, while simple dress socks are always a good fashion staple. Luckily, we have you covered with our range of men’s urban socks. [link:] They offer something a little more daring than your usual every day socks. Plus, they are naturally hypo-allergenic and odour resistant!

When it comes to fashion a well-fitted suit paired with a pair of stylish urban socks can be the pièce de résistance for any gentleman’s daily attire. Not to mention a pair of warm, colourful socks are the best defence against the elements during the chilly, windy, or rainy months.

So now you know; for easy added style, all any man needs is a touch of mohair!


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