July 23, 2015

The Mystery of the missing Socks

Avoid socks going missing in the laundry!

mohair socks

1. Tie socks together using a knot, safety pin, or even an old fashioned nappy pin! (apparently specialised sock clips are now available too!)
2. Put your socks into a mesh laundry bag
3. Watch for disappearing socks on the way to, and out of, the laundry. Keep your eyes on the floor
4. Kids socks often disappear under beds, toys, chairs etc
5. Look inside sheets, pillowcases, sweaters. Sometimes socks get mixed up inside the washing machine.
6. Keep all single socks in one place. Make yourself an ‘Single sock box’ or drawer. That way, when the other one turns up you aren’t confused which one it is.

Still can’t find them? Get some more here:

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