July 9, 2018

Turn Your Trash Into Treasure

Our company ethos is all about living a natural organic life and being conscious about our environment and the carbon footprint we leave behind. Everyone can be an eco-warrior in some small way or another, and it all starts at home. So, we’ve come up with some great ways to upcycle your trash to create useful gadgets that can be used and enjoyed regularly at home.

Turning tyres into chairs.

Tyres are a terrible waste hazard, and virtually indestructible as they are non-biodegradable, making them ecologically highly problematic. But there are some smart ways to upcycle your tyres so that they have purposeful longevity. Tyres make fantastic and long-lasting chairs, and what’s more is that they’re super easy to make. Luckily it doesn’t require massive carpentry skills, just a bit of time and effort. To get started you will need: An old tyre, 60m of thick rope, Industrial strength hot glue, 2 wooden circles (43cm & 38cm), foam, outdoor upholstery, staple gun and buttons (optional).

Scrub the tyre clean to rid it of all the dirt and grime it picked up in its former life. Once the tyre is dry, you can either paint it a colour of your choice or alternatively you can hot glue large brown rope around it for a more organic effect. Place the foam and upholstery onto the smaller wooden board and cut to size before securing together using glue and a staple gun. Once complete, place the foam pillow on top of the tyre to transform it into a multipurpose seat!

For more inspiration WATCH HERE or HERE!

Turning vintage lamp shades into stylish vases

Turn old glass lamp shades into super stylish vases. If you don’t have any lying around at home, you’ll first need to source vintage glass lamp shades in various shapes, sizes and patterns. These should be readily available at second hand stores or alternatively, you could snoop around grannies garage and you’ll probably find one hidden away in there too (just make sure you get her permission first before using it). To get started you’ll need the following DIY tools: rubbing alcohol or warm soapy water, primer and spray paint. Start off by cleaning the old lamp shades to remove any dirt, before painting two layers of primer. Once the primer is dry, use spray paint (colours of your choice) to upgrade your outdated lamp shades into bright, new vases. For added longevity, seal it with a clear acrylic coat of paint, and use the rope to hang them at various heights.

For step by step instructions CLICK HERE! 

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