April 18, 2018

Yarns for every mood

Working with colour and texture to create garments or gifts is one of the biggest joys for those who love knitting and crocheting. Avid ‘yarnies’ will often have more than one project on the go, fondly referring to these as “UFOs” or unfinished objects. With the African Expressions range of mohair, merino, wool blends and cotton, your winter knitting is sorted – the added benefit is that the range is entirely ‘home grown’. (That list of UFOs is bound to expand when you see the variety!)


Mohair creates a gentle halo effect that adds elegance and softness to any knitting project. The texture allows it to drape beautifully, making it ideal for knitting waterfall cardigans, wraps, ponchos or scarves – anything where the garment or accessory should fall elegantly. Mohair speaks for itself, so experiment with colours, rather than including knitting elements like complicated cables. African Expressions Love yarn is made from 78% super-soft brushed mohair and is available in avocado green, aubergine, purple, baby pink, denim and navy, and gorgeous earth tones of brown, fawn, mustard and cream.
Tip: Use blunter needles when knitting with mohair so that you go directly into a stitch and not into the mohair ‘cloud


If you love a lace effect, use kid mohair for your next project. Its airy texture is perfect for a lighter knit, like a light cardigan, elegant sleeveless top or scarf. The jade green from the African Expressions Hope range will add instant freshness to your creation (and turn a few heads too). Neutrals are always in vogue, so if you want to make something more toned down, but very serviceable, you have beige, black, charcoal, denim blue, flax, navy and cream to choose from. Luminous and lusciously brushed, this lace weight range is 80% kid mohair. For patterns, go to; and



Merino is perfectly suited to soft luxury knits – very cuddly and snuggly, but due to its moisture-absorbent properties is well suited to both warm and cool weather. African Expressions Harmony is 100% merino wool and ideal for knitting a baby papoose or blanket, a beanie or headband. Stitch embellishments work well with merino, and a schoolboy-style cardigan updated with moss stitch or cabling in biscuit, cream, grey or charcoal would look as smart on an adult as it would adorable on a little person. For patterns, go to;;




Cotton cot blankets – knitted or crocheted – are very popular at the moment. Gentle colours like cream and duck-egg blue are ideal. Include a border in single or double moss stitch as you knit on circular needles and use stocking stitch for the main centre area. Choose three complimentary colours from the range of blue, grey, dune, pink and white to create a continuous granny square crochet blanket. The beauty of crocheting this way is that you can add to the blanket as the baby grows. Cot blankets are wonderful gifts, and because they’re handcrafted are more likely to accompany the child as a favoured item.

For a tutorial on creating a continuous granny square baby blanket, watch this video;

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