June 13, 2016

Your dad and his socks

Old School Blotto dotty socks by Cape Mohair

What do your dad’s socks say about him?

Are they thin, threadbare, maybe smelly (!). Maybe his socks are full of holes or he wears odd socks? Are they bright and fun, does he like to show them off? Maybe he doesn’t like to stick out too much. He is happy to just be himself.

Does he wear special cushioned socks for sport or does he wear his office socks with his hiking boots up the mountain? Chances are, your dad’s socks say a lot more about him than you had ever thought! And more than that, he more than likely doesn’t look after his feet like he looks after your feet!

Old School Blotto dotty socks by Cape MohairEconomic Crisis

Dads – they’re often the bottom of the food chain. They’d love to be there with you all day more than you know, but many of our dads are in the office, out in the rain, literally building our homes, building our South Africa as we know it. And wouldn’t it be nice, wouldn’t it be GREAT – just to take a minute to tell your dad, or your grand-dad, or that great friend of yours who is a dad to you,  just how much you love him, how much you appreciate him. Tell him that you appreciate everything he does for you, that he has sacrificed for you.

He’s not perfect. But he is your dad, and without him you wouldn’t be here.

BUT if you want to make him smile, a warm smile  – help him stand taller, a little more comfortable, a little more proud, a little more confident, a little warmer . . . choose some socks for him that remind you of him.

We’re giving you 20% off all our mens socks until Saturday 18 June 2016.  Use the coupon code ‘PROUD-OF-MY-DAD’

(even if you are late for father’s day, it’s better late than never, to tell your dad that you love him)

Here are a few of our favourites . . . see what kind of socks fit your dad!

Terms & Conditions on coupon: Mens socks (size 8-11) apply for 20% discount and includes MHR adventure socks, Mens Urban Socks, Trek&Travel Safari and Boot socks; does not include Medisocks and Unisex trek&travel socks, ladies socks;  discount applied at cart after insertion of coupon code; coupon expires midnight 18 June 2016.

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