CLOUD - Spinlea Farm Mohair Throw
CLOUD - Spinlea Farm Mohair Throw
CLOUD - Spinlea Farm Mohair Throw
R 1,920.00

CLOUD - Spinlea Farm Mohair Throw


Our Cloud mohair blanket is the natural cream, undyed mohair from our beloved angora goats. It has gone through the washing process and spun into yarn, but no additional dyes have been added.  Natural mohair is soil- resistant, meaning that it is does not get dirty easily. (during one photography shoot, coffee was spilt down our sample Cloud cream blanket, leaving no soiling - it simply ran off).

A beautiful thoughtful gift for the calm and peaceful natural home.

Each blanket comes inside its own natural 100% cotton drawstring Spinlea Farm branded bag, for extra care.

THROW : 130 x 180cm

Care instructions are included with your blanket, which comes wrapped in a natural cotton care bag hand tied with satin ribbon to store your heirloom blanket safely during summer.

Content: 55% mohair, 35% wool, 10% nylon

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